Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Cost
Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Prices

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls
Indicative Costs

Up to 1.2m tall, allow $450 m2
Up to 2m tall, allow $550 m2

Wall height is measured from the ground up, we put in the footings to suit the wall height.
Site Requirements

Pricing subject to machine access.
Narrow or Steep site access may incur additional costs. A site inspection can confirm.

What’s Included

The per metre price includes all of the following:

Drilling of holes
450mm concrete piers
Up to 150UB14 beams
100mm thick concete sleepres
Plastic to back of Wall
Ag Pipe Drainage

What’s not included

Other costs you may need to factor in:

Surveying / engineering calculations or similar council requirements
Earthworks / backfilling
Removal of soil / earth